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Nutshack But Its a Game SHOULD explain everything you need to know, but I guess there's some confusion or something. To elaborate: The opening sequence to the """"""hit"""""" animated Myx television series The Nutshack will play, but EVERY instance of the word "Nutshack" spoken in the opening sequence is replaced with the next level (yes, even when the white guy says it). This means there is a level for every "Nutshack", and they say "Nutshack" a lot.

The game itself is a platformer, played in the first-person perspective. Can you run, crouch, jump, and stumble your way to the end(s)? Yeah, that's right. There's multiple endings; a Nut Ending, a Shack Ending, and a It's The Ending (which is the game over screen, which you won't miss). There's also secrets and shit, so good luck with that.

Featuring fan-favorites like Phil from the Frisco, Tito "Dickman" Dick, King Dedede, Robbie Rotten, and MAYBE Mr. Rental, and more (I think). There's also a soundtrack comprised mostly of stolen music and high-quality rips (glorified stolen music), but there's also original (partially stolen) music created just for the game, as well as some fan-favorites from Christmas Satellite. Legends say that the theme song to the show The Nutshack also makes an appearance.

"It's like an entire season of The Nutshack, but as a game" - Jesse Hernandez, Nutshack Co-Creator

"The quality far exceeded my expectations -- Cody's follow-up to the excellent 'Christmas Satellite' is challenging, charming, and based on a meme I only quarter-understand." - PCgamer

"What. The. Fuck." - Patreon Donor


Nutshack But Its a Game Beta1.2 Windows.zip 270 MB
Nutshack But Its a Game Beta 1.2 Mac.zip 284 MB
Nutshack But Its a Game Beta1.2 Linux.zip 285 MB


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I hope it's a intense, story-driven gameplay excelence as the Iluminatis told me.

Edit: 1/420911666

Okay, it's something completely else than i expected. Everything fine, but my eyes... Feel like i just got another ADHD.

Oh, and why is that seizure red-yellow platform skipping levels ? It should restart 'em!

It knows a cheat code, that's why.


This has a lot of effort put in for a meme game, a dead meme at that. You did a great job on the Phil model.


This is actually a good game. Didn't expect that.


Basically a gigantic meme. But the best meme I have ever played, even if it's a WIP until this point.. I ahve never seen anything better